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Setting the Automotive Damage Appraisals Standards in Alberta since 1979.


The largest benefit of using RML as seen by many of our clients is the quick professional results they get and the satisfaction expressed by their insured's or third parties on how quick the claim process went. Not every vehicle owner is happy with settlement amounts, betterment, or denial of certain claims, but when explained to them by the appraiser the how's and why's they have a better understanding on how the system works. Our appraisers are empathetic with all your clients on the losses they have experienced and handle your clients in a caring professional manner. We take pride in representing your clients and wish to portray ourselves just as if we were employed with your company. We mandate to all employees that the satisfaction and retention of you're client is of the utmost importance to RML.

Every RML office is fully equipped to handle estimating in your preferred platform (Mitchell or Audatex estimating systems). All RML eClaim appraisal reports are fully audited prior to uploading to ensure accuracy and accountability.

We have the most comprehensive file tracking and booking system in the industry. We pride ourselves on the fact that 96% of the claimants are called and booked within one working day. Of that number we see 91% of those claimants the next day. What does this mean to our clients?

Faster claim turnaround means happier insured's; happier insured means better retention and happier insurance brokers. To our clients the faster turn around of appraisals means lower loss of use costs and fewer phone calls to adjusters and over all better claims management. We believe that RML reduces loss of use cost by over 50% of most of our competition.

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